Christine Ramsden

UI / Front End Developer

UI / Front End Developer

About Me


Hi there, my name is Christine I am front end developer living and working in London. I have 13 years experience in this industry, after making a switch from Tax Accounting to IT, back in 2002. Whilst working in the IT department at the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, I was asked to make some changes on the website, which was built with Cold Fusion. That was the beginning of my web development career, I taught myself along the way drawing on knowledge and experience from the year of a Computer Science degree I completed.

As the web developed new interesting techniques came out I enjoyed learning and putting these things into practice. Eventually "Web Development" became more and more divided into "back end" and "front end" and I chose to focus on the front end as that was where my passion lay. I really appreciate design, and love that I can bring a vision to life and create awesome user experiences.

Even now there is always something new to learn and that is why I love this job! Currently my workflow utilises grunt and gulp for build processes, sass and compass for css preprocessing, I still tend to roll my own javascript, using libraries like jQuery and modernizer to help out but keeping things modular is key. As I said I love learning new things and keeping up to date with new technologies and techniques. Currently I'm digging deeper in to Sass, finding interesting ways to use maps and functions as a way to organise large code bases.

I intend to make this site better over the next few weeks, but for now you can download my resume, send me an email or connect with me on one of many social media sites below.